5 Reasons Cape Town is the Best Destination In The World to Learn English

The Accent 

South Africans speak a clear, proper English that is a refreshing blend of their cultural heritage. Having been part of the British Empire, their accent leans more towards the British and universally accepted ways of enunciating words – plus according to at least one online source it’s been voted as the most sexiest accent in the world! Article: https://www.goodthingsguy.com/.. 

Living Your Best Life 

Cape Town is one of the best cities in the world to live a vivacious active lifestyle. It’s also the only metro city on earth that resides within a national park (Table Mountain Reserve) and the city abounds with countless opportunities to immerse yourself in the beautiful wild outdoors in a variety of sports and activities – and the cultural delights of the city cater to an entire swathe of experiences whether it be secret gin bars, the most active music festival calendar in the world and the list continues. The Mothercity rocks!

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Stories, lore and history 

Africa is the birthplace of humanity and steeped in fascinating and intriguing history. Cape Town itself is full of stories and legends on display. You could spend an entire summer trying to learn more about this world renown city and you’d only scratch the surface.
*Ask the friendly staff at IH Cape Town about which tours and areas to discover. Bo Kaap in the city is a great place to start:


Cost of living 

Where else in the world can you buy a world class craft beer for USD$3? Not many places. The cost of living in Cape Town is equivalent to most third world countries but what is on offer easily out competes most of the chic capital cities of Europe or downunder. So if you want to life the champagne lifestyle on a beer budget, this is the city for you!

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The people & the vibe

South Africans are notoriously friendly fun loving people and love engaging with foreigners. Some attribute it to the sun as Cape Town is the sunniest city in the world so especially during the summer months the city has an infectious energy about it. So much so that Cape Town has earned itself the reputation as the party& leisure capital of Africa, if not the southern hemisphere!

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English Students studying at International House Cape Town are lucky enough to be studying right in the beautiful suburb of Seapoint nearby all of the above mentioned places and so much more. Check out their website for more www.ihcapetown.com